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Industrial and other Narrow Gauge railways with a very special flair. Not  scale modelled after existing prototypes
but close and adorable. Some of our products are adapted to earlier models, other come with completely
new shapes and ideas.
Minitrains models are HO scale and run on 9 mm track, they are usually called HOe models.
Other and equal descriptors for this gauge are HOn30 and HOn 2 1/2. In England the 009 scale can be found that
runs on the same track but is slightly larger (scale is 1:76 instead of the HO scale of 1:87)  
For track we suggest to use the PECO narrow gauge track with 9 mm width.

The green and yellow Gmeinder Diesel locomotives and the matching sets


Fiddletown & Copperopolis
Trains with an american touch inspired by the book Fiddletown & Copperopolis by  Carl Fallberg

F&C 1001

F&C 5131